Bearded Dragons

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Welcome to Pogona vitticeps !
A community for Bearded Dragons and their owners

This community invites you to share stories, pictures and advice amongst other Bearded Dragon enthusiasts.


Please do not force your opinions upon others.

There are many different ways to care for bearded dragons, your way is not always the best way. Be courteous. If someone lacks the experience and knowledge you do, inform them in a nice, non-insulting manner.

We encourage posting pictures here however it is mandatory to use an LJ-cut if posting large or multiple pictures.

Check out the memories to see if your question has been answered before we get bombarded with the questions of "how much does a bearded dragon cost?" and the such. :P Naturally, if you have questions about specific color morph costs or anything a bit more on the "unusual" side, it may be the first time, so ask away. Of course, that doesn't mean that you should fear asking a question again... just don't expect such lively conversation if it's been debated before.

Everyone can learn something from one another here.

With that said...enjoy! :)

*This community is moderated by plopplopplop and cihuapilli.*

Images of the Member's Beardies
_ska_punk_ ~ Princess
bearded_dragon ~ Osiris
blaydrosmatria ~ Feng, Tak, and Kratos
bologna418 ~ Unnamed
caelyth ~ Piddlesnaps (1, 2)
cihuapilli ~ Patch and Amon Ra
fireluv007 ~ Iylia and Dr. Claw
khaeos ~ Unnamed and Xander
killerkat ~ Unnamed
kiss_kiss_kill ~ Onyx and Ernest
kolvin ~ Godzilla (1, 2)
mamachop and delirious_sb ~ Darwin (1, 2)
meatbunny ~ Oolong
obomoboe_geek ~ JubJub (1, 2)
pyrettablaze ~ Sydney (1, 2, 3)
phantasmah ~ Lemmy
plopplopplop ~ Jasper
pricanrocker182 ~ Ophelia (1, 2)
sapphirexstar ~ Landon (1, 2, 3)
shkittlez ~ Figment
slizarus ~ Unnamed