blaydrosmatria (blaydrosmatria) wrote in pogonavitticeps,

Well, they are finally ready to go to new homes! i have 13, but 3 are spoken for and 2 i am probably keeping, unless someone is looking for a high colored future breeder and want to bid on them [both females] My site is I will be at the pittsburgh reptile show at July 9th, any that are not paid for by then will go to the show.

the mother, a sandfire red/gold X peach hypo
the father, Chris Allen line

It's in these babies genetics, just like their parents, not to 'color up' until 4-6 months of age. All babies are showing various yellows and reds, but that will get better and/or change. My female was extremely yellow, then boom, turned deep oranges and much brighter. I will not post individual weights and lengths, as they are growing so fast. All are over 6" now and will give specifics if you email.

all are growing very fast and are shedding regularly. handraised and adjust to change well. No sex guarenteed, but i will take a guess.

Near twins, these two are showing some AWESOME orangish reds. #12 is probably male, #13 female. 95$ each or 160$ for both.

#11 is possible female with mainly yellow, but nice orange on the ear. $75

#9 is just a good beardie, not skittish at all and has some interesting patterns. Pictures do not do them justice. possible female. 75$

#7 is just a huge dragon for his age and very nice color. I would keep him back, but don't need to keep any males this season. 99% sure he's male. 100$

#6 is really showing her Peach Hypo genes. possible female, just a great looking dragon and an aggressive eater. 85$

#3 is very light, but a nice patterned dragon. Hearty. probably male. 75$

#2 has great oarnge in her, but not as big as the others. possible female. $65

#1 and 4 are definitely female and the ones i'm keeping unless i get bids.

I have one with a missing toe [nip i think] that i will let go for $45, he's very healthy and colorful otherwise. Currently in his own tank, gaining weight steadily.

This girl is also up for grabs, she is possibly gravid by the same male and is valued btwn 275-325$

Shipping via UPS overnight not included in any prices.
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