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Bearded Dragons [entries|friends|calendar]
Bearded Dragons

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Got a Little Captain in Ya? [18 Aug 2008|01:12am]

[ mood | sick ]

Chloe Does! LOL

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Total newbie question [04 Jan 2008|01:10pm]

Hi, found your community just now and thought maybe you could help me with a basic question I want to find an answer for before even considering buying one of these fantastic reptiles.

I've seen some divided opinions about this, but can you keep a single Beardie? I've heard someone with experience say that you could very easily keep a single male without it missing members of its species, for males usually fight while you'd need 2 females to keep them happy.

I ask because I could in no way supply enough space for the 3 Beardies (2 females with a male) everybody else seems to suggest, and someone said it's usually the males they can't sell. What do you think?
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Kami-Attack! [15 Jan 2007|05:27pm]

Hi I am new to the community...introducing Kami! a very 'special' Bearded DraaAAAAaaaagon..!!!

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[14 Sep 2006|12:56pm]


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Abandoned Bearded Dragons [12 Sep 2006|01:37pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]

*I work at a pet store, and last night we were taking out the garbage behind the building where we also park our cars. There were 2 boxes sitting on my car, and I figured it was one of the employee's b\c we joke around like that.. so I went over and was about to kick the boxes off my car when I realized they were duct taped & had air holes in them. I opened up the larger box to find 5 adult bearded dragons sitting there. The smaller box contained 15 baby bearded dragons which only looked to be around 1 month old.

I live in NY, and this time of year it gets very cold at night. All the beardies were freezing cold, and a few of the babies were already dead. I took them inside and set them up in tanks & got some heat on them. I tried to seperate the males from the females, but we didn't have enough open tanks so I took a male home with me. They look healthy, pretty well fed, and were obviously taken care of before. Even some of the adults look like they have some pretty nice coloring, high yellows & oranges.

I know who did it. This guy would always come into the store and bug me about taking his bearded dragons. I said I didn't have enough room or tanks but that I would ask around.. He wouldn't give me the tank he was using for them because he wanted to turn it into a fish tank. The last time I saw him he was practically begging for me to take them. If I would have known he was just going to DUMP them, then I would have, but I didn't think he was that horrible of a person.
I talked to my manager this morning, and she says she remembers him jokingly saying that he was gonna just dump them somewhere if no one took them. Wow. People are assholes. If I ever see him again hes gonna get a piece of my mind.

There were also dried up eggs in the box that I found them in, so im wondering how long they've been in there. I talked to my manager this morning & she said that the females laid more eggs, and some of the babies didn't survive overnight. They all are very friendly.. I just can't believe someone would have the heart to do that.

beardies in a boxCollapse )

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note for the mod [09 Jul 2006|12:26am]

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[28 Jun 2006|10:04pm]

Well, they are finally ready to go to new homes! i have 13, but 3 are spoken for and 2 i am probably keeping, unless someone is looking for a high colored future breeder and want to bid on them [both females] My site is www.mezcladoreptilia.com I will be at the pittsburgh reptile show at July 9th, any that are not paid for by then will go to the show.

the mother, a sandfire red/gold X peach hypo
the father, Chris Allen line

It's in these babies genetics, just like their parents, not to 'color up' until 4-6 months of age. All babies are showing various yellows and reds, but that will get better and/or change. My female was extremely yellow, then boom, turned deep oranges and much brighter. I will not post individual weights and lengths, as they are growing so fast. All are over 6" now and will give specifics if you email.

Read more...Collapse )

Shipping via UPS overnight not included in any prices.
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My new babies! [17 May 2006|06:41pm]

I got these little bundles of joy about a week ago...

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[14 May 2006|06:04pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Hello all.  First time posters and new member. Here are some pictures of Mel.  There are pictures of Mel's new tank.  It is much wider.  Then there are pictures of him sitting funny.  Also pictures that Bill said I must post which are of Mel checking out his hands as if he got a manicure.

This one is Mel's new tank

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[15 Apr 2006|11:47pm]

Here's my pair, Sheo and Feng!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
and the first of many clutches!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

if anyone has any questions about temps, how she laid, or when babies will be available let me know!
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Help [11 Mar 2006|09:43pm]

My bearded dragon seems to be constipated. She's been fine this whole time, just today when she went to do her buisness she didn't finish and she hasn't been able to push it out. When I feel her stomach you can feel something there. She hasn't eaten anything different. She has carpet and eats pellets. Anybody know what to do? I tried warm baths already and she tries and pushes. I dunno what to do. Help plz
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Impaction Update [28 Feb 2006|01:00pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

Amon Re, as you are all aware, suffered from an impaction a month and a half ago that he never recovered 100% from despite the fact that I gave him pedialyte and baby food (under a veterinarian's suggestions) on top of his warm baths, extra heat, and dedicated care whenever I wasn't in class. A few days, I watched him pass away on my lap. We still, to this day, don't know what caused the initial impaction, but I feel as though it was my fault... although my co-workers have been telling me it probably isn't because you don't know the history of the animal at the breeder.

I will probably withhold from getting another bearded dragon for a while, but will hopefully remain an active member of this community so that it will one day respark my love for the little guys. But until those wounds heal, I couldn't emotionally cope with another...

I hope you didn't suffer too much on your trip over the rainbow bridge, Amon...

A picture...Collapse )

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Impaction -_- [30 Jan 2006|01:05pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Jeez... I have horrible luck with the poor little guys... first Patchy ends up dying from yellow fungus, and now Amon has a severe lower impaction, which I found out on one of the worst days I had for a while (ie. being late for class because I sat in the wrong one, having someone else lock my notebook in a gym locker)...

He's still not getting much better--his back legs were still rather weak, so I soaked him in a warm bath and set him under his heat lamp to dry. Thinking maybe my room's just too cold at night, I ran out to PetSmart to get another basking infared light for nighttime and then grab some food for myself. I returned home to find Amon limp and rather unresponsive... even when I flipped him on his back. I just hope this isn't going to end the way things did with Patchy.

I'm following a process that Cheri S. (of ReptileRooms.com) set out to help pass impactions. He's being given 4-5 drops of olive oil a day, offered diluted Gatorade through a dropper, being syringe fed a little watery baby food to help him keep up his strength, has extra heat, and being given warm baths two tiems a day. According to her, once it passes and the swelling around his spinal cord goes down, he should be able to walk again.

One can only hope...

Anyone else have other suggestions?

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[22 Jan 2006|12:47am]

[ mood | amused ]

Hello to all my fellow beardie owners out there. ^_^ I've been messing about with my camera and have some new images for you all to enjoy of my little guy, Amon Ra.

Amon Ra, the beardie...Collapse )

Half X-posted at herpphotography.

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i'm a dork [11 Jan 2006|04:36pm]

[ mood | embarrassed ]

I have waited four years to breed my bearded dragons and now that it is finally time to put them together ...

... I feel like a pervert.


I'm so ashamed. XD

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Photo Votes [02 Jan 2006|02:40pm]

Please take a second to vote for my bearded, Aubrey Beardsley, as we're surrounded by the typical fuzzy mammalians found in most contests. (There is an iguana, too.) Thanks!
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[10 Oct 2005|10:53am]

So, I've got this bearded dragon. His name is Oolong. My fiance found him on the side of the road, fighting a cat. We couldn't locate his original owner, & since one of my roomies always wanted a beardie, we kept Oolong rather than finding a nice reptile rescue to take him in.

Now, of course, the roomie who always wanted a beardie barely ever spares a glance for Oolong, & he's pretty much my lizard, w/ help from my fiance.

My best guess is that Oolong is about 2 years old, now, probably a sandfire/red-gold cross (or something similar). He's about 18" nose-to-tail (up from about 14" when we found him) & is what our vet calls "a chunker" (ie, he's far from thin ;D ). He seems to be about as happy & healthy as a lizard can get, except that he's got chronic abscesses.

click here for detailed backstory about Oolong's abscessesCollapse )
I love Oolong. I had no idea how awesome beardies were till I met him. He's just a great little guy, no matter how strange his head looks. Unfortunately, I've somehow gotten it into my head that I shouldn't post pix of Oolong, anywhere... like, I should be ashamed of our poor monster-lizard... like it's his or our fault that he looks the way he does. Even when I'm in a very good, proud-lizard-mommy mood, I hesitate to post pix of Oolong, because I get tired of explaining that he's got abscesses that we've tried to treat, that usually don't bother him, but definitely aren't normal.

But you know what? I'm tired of being that person. I'm proud of my lumpy lizard, I think he's still gorgeous, and I refuse to pretend that he's anything than what he is... which is Oolong, the bestest lizard that ever struck out by himself searching for a new family of suckers to call his own. ;D

Therefore, I give you pix of Oolong, taken a few days ago in the sun-drenched "herp pool" (hooray for living in Florida, where it's still in the upper 80's outside ;D )!

more pixCollapse )
So, anyway... I've posted a few times to some beardie comms, before, under my other LJ, zoloft. This is my pet-specific LJ, though, so I'm likely to be much more active w/ it. :} Always good to chat w/ other beardie lovers, & I'd be especially interested to hear if anyone else has had experiences w/ beardie abscesses.

X-posted to a couple of beardie comms
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Beardie YTMND [27 Sep 2005|09:23pm]

I dunno if any of you are familiar with YTMND.com (if you're not, I highly recommend it), but I decided to make my own YTMND site with my icon. You can view it here: http://beardiemeow.ytmnd.com/


(Note: page best viewed in Internet Explorer)
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[18 Sep 2005|08:02pm]

[ mood | blah ]

I work at a pet store & they have almost 1 month old bearded dragon babies. I brought one home today that isnt doing so good. He is very little & doesn't eat. I sprayed some water on the side of the tank today & he licked some of it off tho. Most of the time he just lays there w/ his eyes closed. I have a heat lamp & a UVB/UVA light on him.

What should I try feeding him?
Should I force feed? if so, how?
..Any other suggestions...?

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Beardie question. [13 Sep 2005|06:57am]

My SO and I went on vacation for a week and boarded our 4 month old lizard kids with afriend who is part of reptile rescue. as far as I know they ate and acted fine while we were gone. The day we got back as we were heading to her house to get them, she told us a very cute story. She was getting waxworms out for her 2 camelians as treats. She was fishing them out on tht table in front of of my beardies. She said that they charged the glass when they saw the waxworms and started being really very cute. (which they are, the little hams!) Well, she couldnt help but give them a couple. She got carried away and ended up giving them each about 6.

Well. We returned a week ago today, and teh little suckers just arent interested in crickets anymore. I used to feed them about 10 3 week crickets each, twice a day. They would scramble and tart trying to get them all. Now they sort of watch them run around. I have been feeding them only once a day, and half the volume I used to, and there are still crickets crawling around at night.

I live in Portland Or. It is definately no longer summer here. the temps outside have been reaching a high of 65-70. they are still getting a hot bask and a warm red light bringing the ambiant temp to about 85. Is it because of the temp change? Too many waxworms? because they were moved around?

any other suggestions?
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