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Hello all.  First time posters and new member. Here are some pictures of Mel.  There are pictures of Mel's new tank.  It is much wider.  Then there are pictures of him sitting funny.  Also pictures that Bill said I must post which are of Mel checking out his hands as if he got a manicure.

This one is Mel's new tank

Mel is just chilling on his log and hammock

Mel is checking out his hand like he just got them done lol

Close up of Mel checking out his hand

This checking out his hand

Close up of one side of the tank

Close up of other side of tank

Mel sitting funny on the hammock and log.  He likes to sit with his crotch on the edge of the hammock

Mel checking out his hand again

Mel looking around and I think checking out his hand still.

Sorry some of them are blurry and dark.  Not sure why some were dark.  Blurry well I tried to hold the camera still but I was having issues for some reason.
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