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Impaction Update

Amon Re, as you are all aware, suffered from an impaction a month and a half ago that he never recovered 100% from despite the fact that I gave him pedialyte and baby food (under a veterinarian's suggestions) on top of his warm baths, extra heat, and dedicated care whenever I wasn't in class. A few days, I watched him pass away on my lap. We still, to this day, don't know what caused the initial impaction, but I feel as though it was my fault... although my co-workers have been telling me it probably isn't because you don't know the history of the animal at the breeder.

I will probably withhold from getting another bearded dragon for a while, but will hopefully remain an active member of this community so that it will one day respark my love for the little guys. But until those wounds heal, I couldn't emotionally cope with another...

I hope you didn't suffer too much on your trip over the rainbow bridge, Amon...

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