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Impaction -_-

Jeez... I have horrible luck with the poor little guys... first Patchy ends up dying from yellow fungus, and now Amon has a severe lower impaction, which I found out on one of the worst days I had for a while (ie. being late for class because I sat in the wrong one, having someone else lock my notebook in a gym locker)...

He's still not getting much better--his back legs were still rather weak, so I soaked him in a warm bath and set him under his heat lamp to dry. Thinking maybe my room's just too cold at night, I ran out to PetSmart to get another basking infared light for nighttime and then grab some food for myself. I returned home to find Amon limp and rather unresponsive... even when I flipped him on his back. I just hope this isn't going to end the way things did with Patchy.

I'm following a process that Cheri S. (of set out to help pass impactions. He's being given 4-5 drops of olive oil a day, offered diluted Gatorade through a dropper, being syringe fed a little watery baby food to help him keep up his strength, has extra heat, and being given warm baths two tiems a day. According to her, once it passes and the swelling around his spinal cord goes down, he should be able to walk again.

One can only hope...

Anyone else have other suggestions?
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